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Welcome my world welcome my life have something for us
Clunky. Oh yeah that’s helpful. Isn it. (Holding her breath)
Can do that to Abigail. funny face make the world better oh god.
What is it. Make the world crazy with that. Oh please. Keep it up
will ya. Ya piece a work head. It’s nice to be here in the world.
It’s nice and peaceful here without any noise.
What are ya nuts. You kiddin me strange people. Mm ice cream.
YUmmm. Rubs temple.
What are ya crazy shack. I love this place so much just wanna
keep it for myself. I just love this house. Can keep it
ourselves. Grow up people head. Grow up my earth. What is wrong
with you people heads ya jerks. It’s too nuts. Oh yeah that’s
part of life for ya. It’s me. What’s u. My brain. I can think
better for ya. I love pigs so much.

Botanical Sabbatical is a collection of images taken here and there with a touch of love for nature.